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Our Services

We successfully work with clients to established effective public relations campaigns to reach target audiences, formulate data and insight-driven approaches to advisory services integrated campaigns and digital strategies


We deal in designing the outline of how our clients want to craft a positive image and how our clients want their company perceived.  We focus in creating the right message and then decides on the outline of a campaign to circulate the message.



We do events management/marketing which will help in increasing a company’s profile.  Our services includes conferences, formal parties, conventions etc.

For events we provide-

  1. Audio and visual equipment Power and generators and distribution cables
  2. Fuel Cable covers and ramps Plumbing supplies Joinery supplies Barriers, ropes & stakes, etc –, perimeter, ,
  3. Queuing systems, no-go areas and also front of stage
  4. Tents,
  5. Marquees,
  6. First aid points,


Our firm deals in arranging interviews with important individuals in the company, field questions from reporters, and write press releases to make the media aware of company announcements and achievements.



A crisis is any situation that is threatening or could threaten to:

  1.     Harm people or property
  2.     Seriously interrupt business
  3.     Significantly damage reputation and/or
  4.     Negatively impact the bottom line

When a disastrous event ruins a company’s public image, we at the capture communications will decide how the company will

  1. communicate to deal with the problem,
  2. how the company will rectify the damage to its image
  3. How the company regain control of its message.

How we counter crises in your organization in the three stages of pre-current-post crises.

1)we do a thorough research  and collecting information about crisis risks specific to the organization; Creating a crisis management plan that includes making decisions ahead of time about who will handle specific aspects of a crisis if and when it occurs;

2) Preparing press release templates for the organization’s public relations team in the event of a crisis; and the chain of command that all employees will follow in the dissemination of information to all publics during a crisis situation. Keep the messaging simple. Have no more than three main messages that go to all stakeholders and, as necessary, some audience-specific messages for individual groups of stakeholders.

3)Identification of the incident as a crisis by the organization’s crisis management team; Collection and processing of pertinent information to the crisis management team for decision making; Dissemination of crisis messages to both internal and external publics of the organization

4) Reviewing and dissecting the successes and failures of the crisis management team in order to make any necessary changes to the organization, its employees, practices, or procedures; and providing follow-up crisis messages as necessary.

5) Finalize and Adapt Key Messages-The Crisis Communications Team must continue developing the crisis-specific messages required for any given situation. What should those stakeholders know about this crisis?


We convert both written material and audio material from English to Somali and vice versa.